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A Step by Step Guide to Starting a Club 

The HYCC club network is helping students create their own environmental and/or civics clubs. Creating your own school club is a great way to organize your community for environmental change, while also having the unique ability to mobilize your school for climate action. HYCC hopes to help make this process easy, and provide you with calls to action, customized resources, and a community of passionate youth to connect with through our network. This guide is meant to give an overview of how to get the ball rolling on your own club, but it is important to note that the process will vary based on your school's requirements. If you have any questions, or would like more hands on guidance, please contact us at!

Step 1

Determine school requirements to create a club

  • Each school has different requirements for starting a club. Some schools list them on their website, or you might have to talk to/contact your Student Activities Coordinator or a teacher with school club experience who will be able to point you in the right direction. 

  • Examples of common requirements include:

    • Filling out a club charter

    • Securing 10 members

    • Finding an advisor

Step 2

Complete required paperwork

  • Once you know your requirements, make sure you start working on them to meet your school's assigned deadline. Here are some examples of information you can use that your school may require. 

    • Name: SCHOOL NAME Climate Coalition 

    • Goal: The goal of this club will be to engage with others to discuss and take action around the climate crisis while rooting our understanding of global warming in justice. Understanding how climate change will impact certain communities over others, and the intersection of it with other social issues, is crucial to creating an equitable and livable future for everyone. This club will be in a network of other clubs around Hawai'i with similar focuses under the organization Hawai'i Youth Climate Coalition.

  • Example Charter for a school climate coalition: CLICK HERE

Step 3

Find an advisor

  • Find an advisor best fit for the job

    • Someone interested in climate change/advocacy/environmental justice/civics/etc.

    • Has the capacity to support your club

Step 4

Get club approved

  • Meet with your school principal or Student Activities Coordinator to get the club officially approved.

Step 5

Register your club with the HYCC Club Network

  • Go to the link below and fill out the form to join the Club Network

  • When filling out the form, set aside a time with your advisor(s) and club officers to discuss the questions being asked. 

  • It may be useful for people to individually read the form and think of ideas for answers before filling it out together.

  • When signed up, you will begin receiving emails containing event opportunities, resources, etc. from HYCC

Step 6

Develop club agenda

  • Create a calendar of your club plans and/or activities.  Make sure to include club dates, times, locations (including methods of meeting), and content.

  • You can look through and utilize resources provided by the HYCC Club Network to help bolster your club meetings and events.

Step 7

Identify interested members/leaders

  • A month before launching the club, identify possible members through friends and contacts.

  • Spread the word! Take advantage of social media and school bulletins (make use of posters and banners) to post club information until you’ve collected at least the required member count.

  • Keep a list of prospective students or create a google form for interested students to fill out. This will help you keep track of them and contact them for your official launch.

Step 8

Host an event for prospective members (optional)

  • While not necessary, hosting an event/meeting for prospective members can be helpful for you to get a feel for leading, and for others to determine if they want to join when you launch. 

  • If you set a date for this before doing club outreach (step 7), you can let all interested members know, and ask them to attend (especially those on the fence).

Step 9

Officially launch club

  • Once your club has been officially launched, you’ll always have access to HYCC resources and information located in the HYCC network drive to help your club thrive.

  • HYCC can provide your club with community based events

  • Always feel free to reach out if you need any guidance or advice, we are here for you. Good luck! 

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