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Basic HYCC Organizational Structure

Team breakdown


Logistics consists of event planning, incorporation, permitting, police liaisons and marshals, and internal organizing expansion, to strengthen our actions. The logistics team consists of two co-directors and a team. Logistics will be using multiple methods to help build the team such as utilizing event planning mechanisms, permitting advice, and other logistics tips, etc.




Communications consists of social media, press, emails, editorial content, and other forms of content production. It’s a hyper-creative endeavor and you’re required to think on the fly—it can also require a lot of experience to get used to the different terrains you’ll encounter. The purpose of the communications team is to publicize our goals, help secure funding, increase national and global coverage, and cultivate the Hawaiʻi Youth Climate Coalition audience through aggressive models of communication.


The Advocacy Team is in charge of anything policy. This includes getting community members civically engaged, raising awareness about certain bills, collaborating closely with other organizations and people to pass legislation, drafting policy, and testifying in support or opposition of legislation. Although there is no base knowledge required to join the Advocacy Team, you will likely be interacting with new people on a regular basis.

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The Outreach Team helps to strengthen the relationship between the organization and the community at-large through recruitment and networking efforts. Responsibilities of the Outreach Team include: leading the Club Network, finding school ambassadors, networking with local student activist for event coordination, and working to expand the organization.

How we work

Team Directors establish meetings with their respective team members and assign them tasks and initiatives to complete. Each team works together to accomplish varied tasks that require collaboration from different teams.


Ex: strategic messaging for a policy campaign would be worked on by the Advocacy and Communications teams.

By doing this, teams aren't pushed into only doing one thing - but rather positively engaging and collaborating with all of HYCC to accomplish one shared mission: help shape a just, equitable, and climate resilient future.

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