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Ola I KA WAI: Water is life

We need to shut down the Red Hill fuel tanks, located in Kapūkakī, to protect our drinking water.

Why Shut Down Red Hill?

The United States Navy currently operates the Bulk Fuel Storage Facility, a set of fuel tanks located on the Kapūkakī mountain range on Oʻahu. These fuel tanks sit 100 feet above our drinking water.

Since 1943, at least 180,000 gallons of fuel have leaked from the fuel tanks. Most recently, in November 2021, tens of thousands of gallons of fuel leaked into our drinking water, contaminating it and poisoning hundreds of families.


Despite this, the U.S. Navy claimed that the water was safe for an outrageously long time. Among other blunders, they have failed to responsibly manage the fuel tanks.


Please visit our Red Hill document for more information and resources. We urge you to visit the Oʻahu Water Protectors on Instagram at @oahuwaterprotectors for up-to-date details on how you can help protect our drinking water.

Photo credit: Will Sato

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