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Support Bill 25: Cleaner Energy on O'ahu!

Bill 25 is a Honolulu City and County bill which mandates that new single family homes be constructed with solar water heaters instead of gas heaters, and that multi-family and commercial houses be built "electric vehicle (EV)-ready," encouraging the use of electric vehicles. These building code requirements are in line with the State Energy Conservation Code (SECC), an adoption of the model 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), and are an integral part of the state's plans to meet ambitious climate goals- carbon neutrality and 100% renewable energy by 2045. Read the City and County's 2019 Annual Sustainability Report here.

Despite Hawaiʻi Gas claims the that bill will be costlier and more restrictive to consumers, Bill 25 will allow residents to save money on a daily basis through reduced energy costs, which quickly offset the higher initial cost. Bill 25 also provides consumers a wider variety of choices, namely the option to have electric vehicle that can be charged at home and utilize solar panels as their household's primary source of energy. Furthermore, Bill 25's requirement for EV infrastructure also saves the consumer money in the long run, as the cost of post-construction modifications to install EV infrastructure are significantly higher than that of installation during construction.

Bill 25 is scheduled to be heard at City Council on Thursday, 2/27. To help, please show support for the bill in person, submitting testimony, or by contacting your council member. Support Bill 25 and help bring Hawaiʻi to a livable and sustainable future!

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